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It is recommended to have a few appointments about a week apart when you are starting out, especially if you are addressing a certain issue.  When scheduling I would suggest scheduling an initial appointment with two follow ups a week apart.  That way you are guaranteed the follow up appointments. 

Please note price increase March 1st


Initial visit (1hr 20 min) $135

March 1st $150

Follow up (50 min) $90

March 1st $100

Infants and children:

Initial visit (50 min)  $90

March 1st $100

Follow up (20 min)  $45

March 1st $50

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle hands on approach to releasing tension in the fascia or soft tissue, it helps the cranial bones move in to alignment and regulates the cerebro spinal fluid.  This supports the whole body and brings it back in to balance.

Clients describe it as feeling like a light touch massage that goes deep in to the body.  It is also extremely relaxing.

Stephanie works with all clients but specializes in pregnancy and infants.  Here are some of the issues Stephanie has worked with:


-Post Tongue and or Lip tie revision

-Colic or fussiness

-Plagiocephaly (flat head)

-Breastfeeding and latch issues


-Optimal positioning (helping a baby get out of a breech or posterior position)

-back, ligament, and leg pain




-chronic pain


Cranio Sacral Therapist

Levels I-V of Dynamic Body Balancing with Dr Carol Phillips

Apprenticeship with Angel Phillips CST

CLEC, certified lactation educator counselor

University of California, San Diego

Visceral Manipulation 

Level I & II with Heartwood Institute

inda R.
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